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We get calls from small businesses wanting an SEO services company that is both local and can produce strong organic results in as little as 3 months. We can do that!

We have a simple approach. We interview you to get your specific goals in mind and then audit the site you have to see how we can best achieve those results.  The last part is to do the On-page and Off-page work while giving reports every 2-3 weeks to show where you are growing.


OnPage SEO Optimization
Custom Sitemap Creation and Website Organization Consulting

Website Usability Consulting (How Usable Is Your Site Really?)

Google Analytics Setup and Consulting

Are we experts in SEO Services?

Honestly, there isn't such a thing. We doubt it at-least, but we think that we can come close.  This is because Google is changes the landscape every few months, so SEO must be just as dynamic! The true experts are those who are committed to the ongoing battle of "what search engines want next".

When you are looking for an expert, you are looking for someone with a compelling amount of experience in the industry. If they haven't got the ABC's down pat, then you should just keep looking.

What Should They Know?

Well that part is easy to identify:

A. They must understand modern website design, web development techniques, and visitor usability.
Without this
how could you possibly trust that they know how to make the needed changes, update your site if necessary,
and keep your secure in the process?

B. They keep up to date with the latest changes in search engine technology and tools. Popular , paid and free,
tools are available to help these SEO guru's keep the pace and predict the necessary changes that need to happen
in order for you to outcompete your opponents. SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Adwords Keyword Tools,
Traffic Travis, etc provide a massive amount of information for which SEO companies can use to pinpoint where
your next blog article, service page, or product should attack.

C. They embrace Social Media Marketing (SMM) and social engagement (signals) that search engines love.
This is a critical part of the ever changing search engine saga! Every time Google, Bing, or Yahoo make a change
it is leaning further toward social platform and sharing (referral) behavior of human beings.

If someone promises you immediate results or guaranteed rankings, I would run away fast. True SEO is about "earning influence" that brings you customers.  We promise to listen to you and help you identify where you can GROW your business online. You should give us a chance.


Mike Hammock

Shortcut Solutions St. Louis
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Get Google +1, Tweet, and Facebook "like / recommend" buttons on your pages, in your articles, and in your comments sections as soon as you can! Your visitors and loyal customers are literally going to be your life's blood in the SEO 2.0.

Here are more tips:

  1. Be sure that you have different titles/meta tags on each one of your pages.
  2. The titles, keywords and meta descriptions should be relevant to the content of the page.
  3. Try to reduce the size of your images as much as possible. (50kb or less)
  4. When you "mouse over" images that are in your articles, do they pop up a special title text with relevant description?
  5. Create a sitemap.xml and put it in the folder of your website so that Google can "crawl" your site quicker!
  6. Create a robots.txt to avoid the search engines from crawling pages you don't want to be indexed.
  7. Use H1 tags for titles, and H2 tags for subtitles.
  8. Bulleted lists are more user-friendly and eye catching. Google see this as good SEO.
  9. User Friendly links help gain points. Ex: instead of