Shortcut Solutions, LLC - Data Retention Policy

This document lists the various types of data that Shortcut Solutions processes, and our policy on data availability and archival. These policies are our standard practice and are subject to alteration in the event of a Lawful Intercept (CALEA) or other subpoena request.

First and foremost, Shortcut Solutions is comitted to keeping your private data private. We will not share your private data with anyone. We may use your company name and Web Site URL in our portfolio to demonstrate previous work to prospective clients.

Shortcut Solutions employs encryption at every possible point. All of our tools are available in encrypted form, including our Web-based email, customer tools, and email connectivity. Customer passwords are always stored in an encrypted form and never in plain text.

Web Site Data:

We keep a nightly backup for the purposes of server restoration in the event of a catastrophic systems failure. This data may be occasionally used in the event that a customer needs to restore a file or files, but should not be considered a generally available archive. Your web space is a publishing point and should not be used as the sole or primary location of your web data. Your files are considered proprietary and confidential, however data retrieved through your public web site is not.

Web Site Traffic Logs:

The current month and previous month of logs are available as raw log files in the Web Site data directory. Older log files are pruned. Your statistical data is available from the nightly Hit Reporting, which will archive your site's traffic for the current and previous year. Earlier years are pruned. This data is considered proprietary and confidential.

E-Mail Logs:

E-Mail traffic logs are retained for 7 days before being pruned. This data is used for diagnosing customer issues as well as tracking server utilization. This data is considered proprietary and confidential.

E-Mail Backup:

Shortcut Solutions does not archive E-Mail. In the event that a user is leaving messages on our server dated 45 days or older they are automatically queued for deletion. However, users found leaving their E-Mail will be periodically contacted to correct this behavoir. E-Mail is not included in our nightly backups and should be regularly retrieved by users if they wish not to violate the 45 day retention policy.  Regardless if the user has retrieved an email and our retention policy is violated, the emails will be scheduled for deletion. This data is considered proprietary and confidential. Please note that E-Mail is stored in a plain text format unless the content itself is encrypted (use of standard Public-Key Encryption products such as PGP or GPG are highly encouraged).

If you have any questions about our data retention policy, please contact us at

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