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Color Nook Email Setup Pop3 (Manual)

Start from the Color Nook home screen:


  1. Tap Apps and then tap Email
  2. On the email account home set-up screen ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS
    • Example:  Josh@whatever.com
    • Enter password for the account.
    (If you would like to see the password as you type it, check the Show Password box.)
Color Nook eMail Setup Screen

Now Tap The Manual Setup button

  1. Choose account type = POP

    Nook Color Pop3 Account Type Menu

  2. Enter the incoming mail settings:
    • Your Username = Full email address
    • Your Password  ****** ( email support@shortcutsolutions.net for help)
    Your POP3 server = mail.shortcutsolutions.net
    • Email Security type = None
    • Server Port # 110
    • Select Delete email from server = When Deleted From Inbox
  3. Click Next

Enter outgoing mail settings:

  1. • SMTP server = mail.shortcutsolutions.net
    • Security type = NONE
    • Port 25
    • Require sign-in = MUST be checked
    • Username = Full email address
    • Your Password ****** ( email support@shortcutsolutions.net for help)
  2. Click Next

  3. Set to check email every 30 minutes and click Next

    Retrieve Email Every 30 Minutes

  4. Complete setup and click Done
    • Email account = Email Account Description
    • Email account name = Your name (IE. Josh Smith)
For more information on how to configure your email device. Please call or write Shortcut Solutions of St Louis Missouri. You must be an account holder for email support.
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